Política de Honorários

Our fee policy obeys strict transparency and loyalty criteria and abides by the rules of the Statute of the Portuguese Bar Association (Ordem dos Advogados Portugueses).

The amount of our fees or fee criteria is always agreed beforehand with our clients.

In the vast majority of our services, we use fixed fees.

The fees amounts and payment terms are agreed with each client. The fee agreement will consist of a written proposal that will be sent to the client for validation.

In this way, there will be no doubts regarding the values to be paid and the dates

on which they must be paid.

We know that uncertainty regarding the fee amount is a factor that often worries clients who need to use the services of a lawyer and, therefore, we prioritize a fixed price system and written proposals.

Fixed Fees

Most of our services have a fixed price associated. This means that the fee amount is defined in advance and will not change during the process.

Therefore, we offer our clients the security of knowing beforehand what the total amount is to be paid, which will not be changed until the end of the process.

Our services with fixed prices previously defined are:

In addition to these services, it will be possible to set a fixed price for other services, by prior agreement with our client. This agreement will consist of a written proposal that will be sent to you for validation.

Other services

In services where it is impossible to establish a fixed price, we will first enter into an agreement with our client which will provide for the criteria applicable to the calculation of the fee amount.

The fee agreement, contained in the proposal to be sent to the Client, will contain the criteria for setting the fees, as well as the payment dates and any other relevant data.

Thus our Client always has the security of knowing in advance what the fees are due to us and the criteria for defining their value, payment terms, and other important information.

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