The hiring of our services Online Divorce and Online Divorce and Asset Division, implies the previous agreement of the spouses regarding the divorce, child custody, child maintenance payments, family home, alimony and pets “custody”. Along with the divorce, the spouses can divide their common assets. The services offered to our costumers are

Online Divorce and Asset Division

Where the spouses have already agreed on all matters, the Divorce Online service covers the following services:
  • Permanent assistance via chat, email, telephone, whatsapp or skype, until the divorce;
  • Writing of the petition for divorce;
  • Writing of the agreements concerning (i) child custody and maintenance pay, (ii) family home, (iii) alimony (iv) pet “custody”;
  • Writing of the list of common goods;
  • Filing of the divorce divorce petition with the Conservatória and delivery of the necessary documents and agreements;
  • Representation of the spouses in the "Conference of Interested Parties".
In cases where, despite the existence of an agreement, the spouses need prior counselling before and after the divorce, or wish to divide their common property, our service Online Divorce and Asset Division covers the aforementioned services and also the following additional services:
  • Face-to-face consultation before petition for divorce;
  • Writing of the asset division agreement;
  • Liquidation of taxes and registration procedures regarding the Asset division Agreement.

Online Divorce and Asset Division



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