Child Custody

Is maintenance due on holiday?

Do I have to pay maintenance for the holiday period when the child is in my care?

This is a recurring question from our customers:

The boy will be with me during the month of August. Do I still have to pay the maintenance?

It should be noted that maintenance is not only intended to pay for the feeding of children and young people. Maintenance should cover all the expenses necessary for the well-being and growth of a child, such as food, clothing, footwear, housing, transportation, recreational activities, health, and education, etc.

The overwhelming majority of these costs remain even in cases where the child is in the company of the parent obliged to pay the pension. On the other hand, when stipulating the value of maintenance the periods of time that each parent spends with the minor is taken to account.

Therefore, the monthly amount stipulated does not depend on the child or young person spending more or less time with a particular parent during the holiday periods.

In view of the above, the answer to the question must be affirmative: the payment of maintenance is due 12 times a year and thus also in periods when the child or young person is on holiday with the parent obliged to pay the pension.

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