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We are a team of Lisbon Family and Divorce Lawyers coordinated by Nuno Cardoso Ribeiro, lawyer, family mediator and speaker on Family Law, with 20 years experience. Nuno is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of AAFC – Family and Children Lawyers Association and regularly publishes Family Law and Divorce articles on national and regional newspapers.

We provide specialized legal support in divorce, asset division, child and custody arrangements, spousal maintenance, family home and inheritance issues.

Our Family and Divorce Lawyers services are globally accessible and cover:

  • Counselling before and after divorce (regarding child custody, child maintenance payments, spousal maintenance, family home, asset division, etc.);
  • Transcription of divorces granted in foreign countries.
  • Representation of our clients in register offices, courts of law and revenue offices ;
  • Legal consultation in our Lisbon offices;
  • Online legal consultation via chat, email, skype, WhatsApp or phone;
  • Writing of contracts and pre-nuptial agreements, as well as the preparation and delivery of all the necessary documents.

Our fees policy follow strict transparency criteria and our clients are always aware of the total amount of fees to pay or calculation method.

We are very much aware of the very particular challenges that face the Portuguese divorce attorney nowadays, especially when it comes to defending the child’s best interests. Custody cases can no longer be configured as a traditional lawsuit in which two parties with opposing interests face each other. Instead, it is necessary to consider custody cases as a one-party only process: the child or young person whose superior interest should constitute the ultimate goal of the court order.


Nuno Cardoso Ribeiro


Family and Divorce Lawyer, family mediator (Portuguese Institute of Family Mediation) and speaker (Family and Labor Law). Registered with the Portuguese Bar Association since 2000. Registered with the Brazilian Bar Association, São Paulo, since 2015. Law degree and postgraduate in Family Law (FDUL) and administrative litigation (UCP).

Chairman of the Board of Directors of AAFC – Family and Children’s Lawyers Association.

Regularly publishes articles about Divorce and Family Law on national and regional newspapers.

Patrícia Gomes Monteiro


Family and Divorce Lawyer registered with the Portuguese Bar Association since 2005.

Graduated in Law (FDUNL), postgraduate in real estate law (FDUAL) and Master in Juridical-Criminal Sciences (FDUL).

Mónica Amaro


Family and Divorce Trainee Lawyer registered in the Portuguese Bar Association.

Graduated in Law (FDUL) and Master in Business Law (UCP).

Registered in ANJAP – Associação Nacional de Jovens Advogados Portugueses.

Ana Amaral

Trainee Lawyer

Law graduate (FDUC), Master’s student in Juridical-labor Sciences (FDUC), postgraduate in Corporate Law (IDET)

Adriana Teixeira

Trainee Lawyer

Law graduate (FDUC), Master’s student in Law and Legal Practice (FDUL).

Dalila Guerreiro


Solicitor Licensee by ESTIG – Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão de Beja.

Fernando Figueiredo

Trainee Lawyer

Law graduate (FDUL).


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