Where one of the spouses doesn’t accept the divorce or its whereabouts are unknown, the spouse who intends to get the divorce has to file a lawsuit with a court of law.

Contested Divorce

The divorce is granted at the request of one of the spouses with one or more of the following grounds:
  • Separation for a consecutive year or more;
  • The definitive break down of the relation;
  • Deterioration of one of the spouses mental health;
  • Disappearance of one of the spouses for a consecutive year or more.
By hiring our services, you will be provided with legal representation and permanent counselling (via telephone, e-mail, chat, skype or WhatsApp) during the period prior to the filing of the lawsuit until the final court decision.

Contested Divorce Fees

Our legal fees are in the amount of €998,00 paid in two €499,00 instalments. If you wish to hire our service please pay the first instalment.  

Contested Divorce



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