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Our team of Lisbon Divorce and Family Lawyers is dedicated to providing professional Divorce and Family Law services and expertise. We manage divorce, asset division, child and custody arrangements, family home, inheritance issues, besides other legal family issues.

We offer face-to-face legal consultation in our Lisbon office. We also offer online legal consultation before and after the divorce (e-mail, WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom or telephone).

Whereas a couple are in agreement regarding the divorce, our Family Lawyers team offers several services within the scope of our Online Divorce service.

If there isn’t an agreement regarding the divorce, we offer legal representation among other services in our Contested Divorce.

In the event that your divorce has already been granted in a foreign country, it must be recognized in a court of law before it is valid and enforceable in Portugal. If this is your case, the service to be hired is Divorce Abroad.

If you didn’t find a service that fits your particular needs or if you have questions regarding the services provided by our Divorce and Family Lawyers, please contact us.


Family Law Consultation

We offer family law face-to-face consultation services in our offices of Lisbon and Oporto. The consultation...

Family Law Online Consultation

We offer family law online consultation services (via Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom or telephone). The consultation...

Online Divorce

The hiring of our service Online Divorce implies the previous agreement of the spouses regarding the...

Online Divorce and Property Division

The hiring of our service Online Divorce and Property Division, implies the previous agreement of the...

Contested Divorce

Where one of the spouses doesn’t accept the divorce or its whereabouts are unknown, the spouse who...

Divorce Abroad

If you divorced abroad in a country that doesn’t belong to the European Union the divorce order must...

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