Nuno Cardoso-Ribeiro was a speaker at a workshop of the Family Therapy Society in Porto

"Somos uma família" Workshop

Our coordinator, Nuno Cardoso-Ribeiro, was a trainer in the Sociedade de Terapia Familiar’s Workshop (North Delegation) “Somos uma Família – Intervenção com famílias em processo de Divórcio”, invited by Dr. Rute Agulhas.

The Portuguese Family Therapy Society was founded in 1979 by Daniel Sampaio (psychiatrist), Emília Ressano Garcia (psychologist), Helena Silva Araújo (child psychiatrist), José Gameiro (psychiatrist), José Manuel Almeida e Costa (psychologist), José Maria Neves Cardoso (psychiatrist), Maria Isabel Fazenda (social worker) and Maria de Jesus Assis Camilo (social worker).
STP is a non-profit scientific association, developing activity in the area of Family Therapy and Systemic Intervention.

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