Family and Children's Lawyers Association (AAFC) Webinar: "Breastfeeding and Attachment: Science and Jurisprudence"

The Association of Family and Child Lawyers held a Webinar on 3.3.023 under the theme “Breastfeeding and Binding: Science and Jurisprudence”. It was attended by three distinguished speakers, Professors Mário Cordeiro and Lígia Monteiro and Family and Children’s Court Judge Maria de Fátima Marques da Silva. Family Lawyer and President of the Association, Nuno Cardoso-Ribeiro, moderated the debate which was attended by about 60 people who were able to contribute with their considerations to the topic under discussion.

Read Dr. Nuno Cardoso Ribeiro’s introduction here and Dr. Maria de Fátima Marques da Silva’s intervention here.

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