How can I get a divorce without knowing my spouse's whereabouts?

In cases of separation, it often happens that one spouse does not know the whereabouts of the other. 

In such cases, how can they obtain a divorce?

If it is not possible to obtain consent to divorce from both spouses, it will not be possible to obtain a divorce from a Civil Registry Office. In such cases, it is up to the spouse interested in the divorce to file a legal action before the court.

In this legal action, the spouse seeking a divorce must prove one of the required legal grounds for divorce. Typically, that could be the separation of the couple for more than a year.

It is up to the court to find out the whereabouts of the spouse who will be a defendant in the divorce action so that they can intervene in the court proceedings. If it is not possible to find them, they will be summoned by a public notice, and the proceedings will continue as if they had been found. Ultimately, the divorce will be decreed.

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