Nuno Cardoso-Ribeiro guest speaker at the European Chapter Meeting of the IAFL (International Academy of Family Lawyers) held in Venice, Italy

Our coordinator, Dr. Nuno Cardoso-Ribeiro, was a guest speaker at the International Academy of Family Lawyers‘ “European Chapter Meeting“, which took place between February 1 and 5, in Venice, Italy.

Michael Gouriet, Alice Meier Bourdeau and Francesca Maria Zanasi, who were responsible for the educational program, put together a program that brought together 26 experts who spoke on various topics, such as parental alienation (domestic and international), the use of experts and evidence in family court cases, and cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

Dr. Nuno Cardoso-Ribeiro’s intervention focused on the challenging subject of cryptocurrencies, digital assests and disclosure. In particular, the challenges that the treatment of these assets in the context of family rupture, due to their respective characteristics, present to the family lawyer were addressed.

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