How long does a divorce take in Portugal?

There is not a single Client who doesn’t ask us this question and the answer is always the same: it depends …

It depends on whether the divorce has the consent of both spouses;
It depends on whether or not there are children involved;
It depends on whether or not there are agreements regarding spousal maintenance, child support and custody, use of the family home, the composition of the list of assets, the pet animals.

How long does an uncontested divorce take in Portugal?

However, if both spouses agree to the divorce and have also reached agreements on:

  • Custody of the children;
  • Use the family home;
  • Spousal maintenance;
  • List of common assets;
  • Pet animals,

It will be an uncontested divorce and it will be relatively straightforward, taking on average, at the Civil Registry Offices of the Lisbon area, around 3 to 6 weeks.

How long does a contested divorce take in Portugal?

However, it is a contested divorce, it can only be granted by a court-of-law. 

In case of disagreement regarding some of those issues, the divorce will be granted by a court-of-law ant the duration of the contested divorce will be longer. The duration of the lawsuit will depend on the circumstances of the case itself and the number of pending cases in the Court in question.

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