Nuno Cardoso-Ribeiro was a speaker at The European Circuit Annual Conference

On September 22 and 23, 2022, the Annual Conference of the European Circuit took place in Lisbon in the Portuguese Bar Association.

The Conference began with a welcome reception, chaired by Colm Ó hOisín SC, Irish Lawyer and Leader of the European Circuit, and by Dr. Carmo Sousa Machado, Lawyer and Vice-President of the Portuguese Bar Association.

The panel of speakers for the first session on the topic of “New Regulatory Landscape: The Attempt to Control Big Tech” consisted of HHJ Richard Pearce as panel chair, Eleonor Duhs, Ronan Costello, and Heikki Ilvessalo. 

The second session of the day focused on “Retention v. Deletion of Data: Where Should the Line be Drawn?”, chaired by Mr. Justice David Barniville, with the remaining panel of speakers being Ronan Lupton SC, Dr. Miguel Recio, Dr. Ricardo Henriques and Felicity McMahon. 

The Conference ended with a reception hosted by the Irish Ambassador to Portugal.

The second day of the Conference began with a visit to the Supreme Administrative Court.

The first session of interventions on September 23rd focused on “The Impact of International Law on Family Law”. Our Coordinator Dr. Nuno Cardoso-Ribeiro was part of the panel of speakers, together with Dr. João Perry da Câmara, Johanna Norrback-Ilvessalo, Jennifer O’Brien. Session that was chaired by Barbara Howard.

“Contrasting Approaches of Courts to Restrictions on Liberty: Covid-19” was the theme of the second speaking session, with the panel of speakers including M. Bruno Laserre, David Conlan Smyth SC, Tom Hickman KC and The Hon Mrs Justice Maura McGowan as chair. 

The panel of speakers for the third session consisted of panel chair Abigail Holt and Michael McDowell SC, Matthew Happold and Richard Samuel, who addressed the topic “The Effect of Armed Conflict on Legal Services”.

Professor Luís Menezes Leitão, President of the Portuguese Bar Association, was part of the panel of speakers in the final session of the Conference, which focused on “The Pegasus Scandal & Increased Use of Spyware”, chaired by Michael Bowsher KC and with Hugh Mercer KC completing the panel of speakers.

Colm Ó hOisín SC presented the closing remarks of the Conference, ending the Conference with a Gala Dinner at the Pousada de Lisboa.

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